The Complete Curriculum

Engaging, comprehensive themed preschool lesson plans

Say goodbye to late-night lesson planning…


You’re a dedicated preschool teacher who wants your kids to have the best experience in your classroom every day.
But you’re also exhausted by trying to piece together themed units and coordinating circle time, math and literacy centers, and independent work.
The Complete Curriculum is everything you need for a fabulous year of preschool lessons, all in one place! The database of circle time themes, bulletin boards, math activities, holiday centers, and more is easily searchable (by resource type or month!). Each resource can be directly downloaded to your device.


Lesson planning just got faster, easier,
and a lot less stressful.


– Lori B.

With The Complete Curriculum, You're Getting:

70+ Thematic Units
Get everyone learning with 10-day and 5-day themed units designed to engage preschoolers and encourage intentional interactions.
Lifetime Access
Every time a new resource is added, you’ll get access to it for no additional charge! This curriculum investment keeps on giving.
Center Activities
Easily coordinate your math, literacy, and fine motor centers with your Circle Time theme. Each themed unit includes center activities!

The Only Preschool Curriculum You Need

Investing in The Complete Curriculum once gives you everything you need to create engaging, effective themed preschool lesson plans for years to come!

The Complete Curriculum Includes:

  • Carpet Games
  • Circle Time Thematic Units
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Dramatic Play Centers
  • Name Activities
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Math Activities
  • Literacy Activities
  • Folder Games
  • Alphabet Activities
  • Classroom Management 
  • Holiday Centers
  • Peek-a-book Envelopes
  • Science Centers
  • Sight Word Books
It’s all done for you! Engage your early learners without wasting hours searching for activities one at a time.

Thousands of Preschool Teachers Are Loving The Complete Curriculum

“I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful these resources are! My students love them and are so engaged in their morning work and daily work. The dramatic centers are so wonderful and include so many different aspects of learning. I think this is one of the best resources I have ever purchased!”
– Pamela T.
“I have been waiting so long to get this resource and I am so excited to finally own the entire curriculum. Best decision I ever made! Makes planning a breeze and my students LOVE the centers and activities.”
– Melyssa S.

Imagine if You Could…

✓ Skip hours of research and lesson planning
✓ Have entire themed preschool lesson plans created and designed for you
✓ Easily edit name activities for each student
✓ Effortlessly coordinate centers to your unit theme
✓ Sort your lesson plans by theme or month
✓ Download a two-week themed unit with a single click
✓ Get lifetime access to a consistently updated database of playful learning
This is exactly what you get when you invest in The Complete Curriculum!

Preschool Teachers Love That The Complete Curriculum Is:

Perfect for Mixed
Age Classrooms
All Inclusive and
Easy to Use
Exciting and
Clearly Laid Out
and Organized

It’s Time for Faster, Easier, & More Fun Themed Preschool Lesson Plans


When you invest in The Complete Curriculum today, you get all of the current resources and plans and all of the future resources and plans! New resources are added annually, and you’ll get access to everything for no additional cost.
The Complete Curriculum Includes:
  • 70+ themed units
  • Coordinating center activities
  • Classroom resources like bulletin boards and classroom management
  • Literacy, Math, and Name activities
  • Nursery rhyme mini-units
  • Sight word books
  • Dramatic play centers
  • So much more
The Complete Curriculum is worth over $1700, with the value growing every time a resource is added.
But you’re in luck!
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Lock in your lifetime access to The Complete Curriculum today and get every new unit and activity that is added in the future for FREE!

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Planning Lessons and Themes for Your Preschool Classroom
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Bring engaging, fun, and effective play-based learning to your classroom with the click of a button – and say goodbye to late-night planning and endless internet searches!